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Pure Plant Protein Chocolate

Pure Plant Protein Chocolate


Plant protein is not just for vegans! There are several benefits to plant protein. When most people think about protein they think whey protein or casein. These are both animal-based proteins that come from milk which contains lactose.

Lactose is not very digestible in most adults due to the lack of enzymes. Lactose intolerance typically starts between the ages of 2-5 as the body stops producing as much lactase enzyme. This limited ability to digest lactose creates problems with absorption. Lactose that is unable to digest is passed through the intestines into the colon where bacteria takes care of the rest. The fermentation that occurs is what causes uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, gas, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Pure Plant Protein has no lactose! This is a great option for anyone with digestive issues such as IBS, food intolerances, lactose intolerance, bloating or a slow metabolism. Plant based proteins are a lot easier for the body to break down. That means that you will have an easier time digesting it and absorbing it into the body. We made sure to add a blend of pea protein, brown rice protein and quinoa protein.

Pea protein absorbs really well in the body, to ensure a complete protein profile with all the essential amino acids, we blended it with brown rice protein and quinoa protein. Brown rice contains fiber which will help you stay fuller for longer as well as help with regular bowel movements and gut bacteria health. With the addition of MCT (medium chain triglyceride) you also get the benefit of additional healthy fats. This can help if you find yourself lacking in healthy fats in your diet.

We made sure to include your antioxidants as many plant-based foods are high in antioxidants. So, we added an entire antioxidant blend of fruits to the formula! This is to help reduce oxidative stress to reduce muscle damage and fatigue to assist with recovery. Antioxidants also help neutralize free radicals and oxidant molecules from cells helping to reduce your risk of heart diseases.

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