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Prebiotic Cricket Powder - 1 Pound Grip Jar

Prebiotic Cricket Powder - 1 Pound Grip Jar

SKU: 45196907

Prebiotic Cricket Protein Powder

Cricket Powder is added to all sorts of dishes without any icky taste detected. has a mild taste, so when it's added as an ingredient, it's taste may be unnoticeable.  When you do taste cricket powder, it’s an earthy umami flavor that few people dislike.

Cricket Powder Nutrition

Cricket Powder Nutrition:

      • 60% protein by volume 
      • 26 mcg B12/ 100 grams (Beef has 1-2mcg/100grams)
      • High in Antioxidants
    • High in iron and calcium
    • Low in bad fats
    • All 9 essential amino acids
    • Omega 6:3 ratio of 3:1
    • Chitin Fibre – a source of Prebiotics - nutrition for probiotics - used as an antimicrobial gut agent

Insects are nutritional powerhouses. Yet, insects are a whole food group we generally ignore. They are very healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and raised humanely. 

Timid about eating insects? Cricket flour is the perfect avenue for you to get the full health benefits of edible insects while not having to look the insect in the face before biting down. Who can say no to chocolate chip cookies that pack a protein punch?

Note: Crickets are raised on farms specifically for human consumption and are fed using high-quality grain.

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