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CBDaF!  CBD Vape  Granddaddy Purple 1g - 400mg

CBDaF! CBD Vape Granddaddy Purple 1g - 400mg

SKU: ebdf92ab

Isolate 400mg Pure Hemp CBD - Granddaddy Purple | 1mL. Cartridge

We can hear ya KNOCKIN' O.G.s and this CBD Granddaddy Purple is gonna answer. CBDaF formulated Granddaddy Purple CBD in homage of Ken Estes, who introduced the now-famous strain, Granddaddy Purple. Breath in terpene infused CBD and take a trip down CALM the F down and CHILL OUT lane today to see if you find your natural euphoria with this old school classic! No P.G., PEG, V.G. or Vitamin E. Nicotine Free, THC Free

  • Spectrum Isolate: Isolate 
  • Strength: 400mg 
  • Size: 1ml
  • Type: Indica
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